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Cytovale started with an obvious question: Why do so many people die every year from sepsis?

Part of the answer is that sepsis, like many acute diseases, is incredibly fast moving and devastating. The other part of the answer is that, until now, diagnosis just took too long for critical care providers to intervene in time. So like all diligent life scientists, we started asking ourselves even more questions: How many lives would we help save if we could diagnose diseases faster? Is there a different way? What are we not seeing?

What followed is over a decade of insatiable curiosity, collaborative research, and determined development to diagnose disease by unlocking immune state in real time to redefine the patient journey.

At Cytovale, we are an extraordinary team of biologists, data scientists, engineers, former care providers, financiers, and just plain caring people with a vision for how to make very complex, critical diseases come into sharp and present focus. And that’s why we will never stop working together, striving to make our technology stronger, faster, and easier-to-implement so that every person who arrives for medical care is quickly screened and appropriately treated for fast-moving diseases while there is still time to act.


Ajay Shah, PhD CO-FOUNDER & CEO LinkedIn
Bill Blackledge CFO LinkedIn
Henry Tse, PhD CO-FOUNDER & CTO LinkedIn
Juliet Carrara EVP, Regulatory, Clinical and Quality Affairs LinkedIn
Chris Pfaff EVP, Commercial LinkedIn

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Ajay Shah, PhD CO-FOUNDER & CEO LinkedIn

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Laurence is Cytovale's Sr Director of IVD Program Management. She is excited to lead Cytovale's IVD program and interfacing with all aspects of product development from engineering to commercial and regulatory compliance. She joined Cytovale to be part of an incredible dynamic team that can deliver unique solutions to improve the management and care of patients affected by sepsis. Outside Cytovale, Laurence enjoys a good laugh, family outdoor activities, watching soccer, cooking, and photography.
Laurence Ruiz-Taylor, PhD Sr. Director of IVD Program Management
Lionel leads Cytovale's analytical validation efforts and works on the core technology and algorithm to measure host immune response, with a focus on maximizing assay repeatability and automatically detecting invalid runs. He joined Cytovale based on a desire to apply his background in single cell mechanics and data analysis to create a new medical product and bring it to market. Lionel enjoys working at the interface of data, engineering, and medicine; but mostly, with a fun and motivated team. In his spare time, Lionel can be found reading comic books, hiking trails around the Bay Area with his family, and learning new things online.
Lionel Guillou, PhD Assoc Dir. Research and Data Science
Bliss Lambert is a research associate at Cytovale’s Baton Rouge laboratory who completes clinical trials and works closely with the engineering team in research and development. After completing her PhD in microbiology, Bliss came to work for Cytovale because she is driven to contribute to research that saves lives and lessens the burdens of disease on society. Being challenged in a dynamic work environment and the ability to contribute to the growth and improvement of new technologies are her favorite things about working at Cytovale. When not in her lab coat, Bliss enjoys spending time with her family, curling up with a good book, and gardening.
Bliss Lambert, PhD Research Associate
Dennis is leading Design Verification efforts for commercialization of the IntelliSep product. He brings over 15 years of experience in Medical Device Systems and Test Engineering, developing radiation therapy systems (Siemens) and diagnostic and automated viral screening system solutions for Siemens and Grifols. Dennis holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from WPI and an MS in Mechanical Engineering (Biomechanics) from Stanford University.
Dennis Cody Senior Manager, Design Verification
Ashley Harris is Cytovale's Director of Marketing. She is excited to drive marketing and commercialization efforts for the IntelliSep test, and brings close to 15 years of experience working in the provider, medical device and diagnostics verticals. Ashley joined Cytovale to be part of an incredibly bright and collaborative team that is driven to launch first-in-class solutions with the hopes of improving the management and care of patients affected by sepsis. Outside of Cytovale, Ashley enjoys reading non-fiction books, searching for the best cold brew on the Peninsula, and exploring Bay area hiking trails with her husband.
Ashley Harris Director of Marketing

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